Fraud and fight against it

Today, fraudsters around a dime a dozen and deceive all the time, of course, we understand all these moments are and will be in our lives, but on a dating site they should not be at all. To minimize scammers, you can first of all with the help of you, dear users of our dating service and your vigilance. If you notice that a person is very secretive, gives only a bit of information about himself, doesn’t make contact with a meeting or even doesn’t let just call him, then we ask you to inform us as soon as you can.

The feedback form of communication works on the site and you can always write to our managers, and our security service will in turn quickly check this account, the profile of the person who somehow compromised himself in relation to distrust. Different phrases, photos that you have already seen in other profiles or on other bride agencies under a different name can cause your distrust. Also, frequent practice shows that a person, due to the security of his personality and confidentiality, takes a photo from Google or Yandex, i.e. from popular search engines and gives out as their own, this is prohibited by our site and will lead to the fact that all user data will be put in the ban forever.

The moderators of our online dating service carefully look at each photo that came to the site and if the inaccuracies are found, then they freeze the questionnaire for a while to clarify the circumstances, and the user is apologized for the inconvenience and explains how and that the subscriber understands everything adequately and does not get nervous for nothing. After all, if this is his photo and data, then why in vain worry and be nervous. Anyway, we will make sure after checking that he is telling the truth and apologize.

Another important point when you discover a scammer on our dating site, in no case do not write to him about it and do not threaten in SMS and in the comments under the photo. Do not hang a label on a person without first ascertaining for sure and not checking his data. After all, you can make mistakes, and excessive vigilance and caution will not hurt us either. There is also the flip side of this coin, a person can change something or delete his data and profile profile sharply, and then we may not have time to process his data for fraud, everything has its own deadlines and methods for identifying such scammers.

Remember dear friends and users of our dating site, we first of all worry about your safety and we want you to be at our place and communicate comfortably, joyfully and productively!